CEO On-Demand

GamePlan principal, Mark Powell, has been active as an entrepreneur since the age of five.

A visionary strategic thinker, Mark assists his clients to make effective and pragmatic use of limited resources to build capacity and create market advantage. He fosters strong business processes, implements practical business plans and tools, and effects consistent, measurable business growth within the leadership team. 

Since 2002, Mark and his team have worked with big players like Microsoft, Dell, Nissan, Johnson & Johnson, Staples. More recently Mark has chosen to work with the management teams of small to mid-size organizations to achieve year after year accelerated growth and improved operational efficiency. 

Mark’s background includes a Degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Management from Ryerson University, Situation Problem Implication Need Certification (SPIN) from Huthwaite International, Professional Selling Skills training from Miller Heiman Group, and Non-violent Communications from Sociocracy For All.

For you this all comes together in the GamePlan Success’s Business Acceleration Program™ and powered by Ninety.

“Mark has a great ability to balance all the team's needs and the client’s expectations no matter the scale of the work or timelines given.”

— Natasha Johnston

User Experience Designer (UX), Publicis Sapient