Every client brings unique challenges and pain points. We identify these, and apply our proven processes to mitigate them.

At GamePlan, we employ proven techniques with each case to ensure success through careful analysis and critical, objective thinking.

Combined with you and your organization’s industry expertise, within short period of time we will have a sustainable and measurable positive impact on reaching key goals.

The Process Overview


Getting all on the same page through the Vision Focus Tool. What is working? What is not? Who are you? What can you work with? What is your process?

Right structure, right roles, right people. The Accountability Chart. A simplified view that summarizes the functional structure, roles and personalities that best suites the business

Action Plan
The two-page action plan. The business’s 3-year, 1-year and quarterly strategic plan on one page. And the action plan on another page – clean, functional, realistic, achievable. 

The 45-minute weekly

  • The scorecard
  • Solving issues

    Tracking the management team’s process using the core numbers that keep each department accountable to each other and tracked on a single document; then identifying, discussing and solving the key issues of each week. All in 45 minutes each week. 

    The Kit

    • Marketing strategies
    • The Sales process

      Setting the target market that aligns with the Vision, the Accountability Chart, and Process will bring focus to the marketing resources. Understanding the top three key values and attributes, and what the business does best in the client’s eyes sets the business apart. This approach optimizes value and values. 

      All the pieces have come together. The Efficiency Score has improved closer to the desired 80%. The Benefits Calculator has hit its target. The Quarterlies and the Annual are where GamePlan will periodically assist your business with move to achieving peak traction. 

      • Quarterlies
      • The Annual

      “The best of both worlds. The results of the program itself have been outstanding and will continue to be in the next year.”

      — Darryl Smith

      Financial Programs Manager, North American Channel Marketing, Hewlett-Packard