A Game Plan for Success

GamePlan delivers the initiatives that our clients are not resourced to do. Effectively, we are your CEO on demand.

We help companies in many industries build on their fundamental successes by adding establish a clear vision and plan, implement a simple weekly management process, a track progress transparently – in ninety-minute increments.

Most business leaders know their business best, not so for their business’ processes. Let’s start with that. We can move the organizational effectiveness needle in months and hold the reins on the transformation that needs to happen.

Your company is uniquely different. The key principles for meaningful, sustained growth and success the same. What is where the GamePlan Business Acceleration Program comes in. 

GamePlan Business Acceleration Program Outline

The Program

Business leaders and small business leaders are best what their business’s product or market focus is. For example, manufacturing windows, installing plumbing and HVAC systems, providing managed IT services, brewing craft cider, selling shoes, etc. Most business leaders not the best at the business planning, business process and operations, communications, and implementing. 
The GamePlan Business Acceleration Program is for business leaders like you who need help with getting more from their business, improving its efficiency, and getting some of the key big tasks done – quickly, easily and cost effectively. 
There are two parts to the program:

  • Improving your business’s efficiency to a desired 80% benchmark over the next year;
  • Implementing the top four or five key strategies over the same time period

Your Role
You and leadership team’s roles are to come to the table, contribute to the process, and follow the plan – that is enough. GamePlan’s role is to write and run the plan and implement those key strategies. Simple – yes. Challenging – yes. Worthwhile – especially yes. 


“I can, without hesitation, recommend him to any challenge that involves strong project management, personal aptitude, creativity and a need to get the job done.”

— Diego Quiroga

Experienced Software Engineering Leader, Team Builder, R/GA