Rebuilding a New Market

Design, Forestry, and Furniture

The Issue

Our client needed help to relaunch an innovative, thermally treated, sustainably sourced wood building material in Canada, and broaden their product offering as a supplier of reclaimed wood.

The Game Plan

The target markets of architects, interior designers, developers, and specifiers are notoriously difficult to reach and influence. We researched and interviewed key influencers in each market to clearly understand the “why” behind their their building material selections. We then assessed our client’s sales, quotation, and design processes. The business tools and marketing program, to be used by any staff member either in the office or in the field, was designed to promote and educate the design community about the benefits of our client’s products, without appearing to be a sales pitch.

The Outcome

We developed a series of lunch and learn sessions that focussed on specific building design solutions. The presenters were recognized subject-matter experts. The sessions were accredited continuing education training by industry associations such as the Ontario Architects Association (OAA), and the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO). The Q&A sessions at the end of each presentation identified new business opportunities for our client. The CRM we implemented allowed the client to track and manage those opportunities through the entire sales process. 

How We Helped

  • Lead generation and CRM implementation
  • Direct sales
  • Project specifying and proposal development