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Reseller Program Consolidation

The Issue

Our client had over twenty-eight product sales performance incentive programs for its North American resellers. Utilization of the programs was sporadic, limited, and challenging due to their complexity and inaccessibility. We had already found a solution to this problem by consolidating their programs onto one platform for their Canadian subsidiary. Our client called and asked us to do it on a national level. 

The Game Plan

The first challenge was to understand the problem. Product managers were located across the country. No one was asking the obvious questions or was willing to propose something new. The cost benefit of making a change had not been quantified. Resellers had not been asked what they wanted. Our team had the objectivity and prior experience to challenge the status quo.

The Outcome

We conducted 1:1 structured interviews with project and marketing managers and asked resellers for their suggestions of how to simplify the process and make it worthwhile. Our solution previously implemented in Canada set a baseline for expectations and benefits. Within ten months we helped our client implement a centralized, singular, reseller rebate program across all product divisions that remains in place to this day. 

How We Helped

  • Market research
  • Structured interviews
  • Financial analysis
  • Report and proposal development
  • Consensus building
  • Project management and implementation