Top Marks

Daycare Centre and School

The Issue

Our client required consistent, experienced leadership for EOS and Ninety to yield the potential of this business process and tool. The company’s Visionary required the disciplined support and guidance of an Integrator.

What We Did

Within one week, we led the weekly Senior Leadership Team L10 meetings. Within one month, we transitioned the company process documents into the EOS templates, including revising the Accountability Chart and getting the right people into the right roles. We prepared the company for its first quarterly meeting. Ninety was launched into the SLT in the second month, and Ninety Lite will be piloted to the teachers and entire staff when it is available.

The Outcome

In the Director of Finance’s words, ‘It is like a breath of fresh air’. The company is on track to meet its annual targets and 2022. Ninety has everyone on the same page.

How We Helped

  • Integrator role
  • Weekly leadership team meetings