Rebuilding Confidence

SAAS Software/Services Provider

The Issue

Implementation of EOS had not taken hold. The VP of Operations / Integrator had resigned and was leaving the company in four weeks. Several members of the leadership team were flight risks. The Owner / Visionary was going through personal challenges.

What We Did

Became their full time Integrator. Implemented and ran the full EOS playbook including the weekly senior leadership team 90-minute progress meetings. Onboarded the new VP of Operations. Completed the full deployment of Ninety across the company. Developed the agenda and led the SLT through the preparation of the first Annual.

The Outcome

The Organizational CheckUp results improved by 10% in two months. The Product Development, Marketing, and Customer Service departments met or exceeded quarterly targets. Ninety was adopted as the daily process and planning tool of choice. The Owner is considering the beta deployment of Ninety Lite to offshore development teams.

How We Helped

Provided the full integration of EOS and Ninety. Provided extensive 1:1 coaching and leadership advisory training to the leadership team. Coached the new VP of Operations in the dual role as Integrator and VP of Operations. Significantly improved the confidence, stability, and performance of the leadership team and staff.

How We Helped

  • Integrator role
  • Weekly senior leadership meetings
  • Onboarded the new VP of Operations
  • Deployed Ninety across the company
  • Developed agenda